Landivar Architects Sustainibility statement – Construction and the built environment is one of the major contributors to global carbon emissions ( 49% in UK ) and as professionals in this field we have a clear responsibility to respond decisively to the environmental crisis and play our part in the process of decarbonising our world.

For Landivar Architects this translates as maintaining sustainability and carbon reduction at the heart of any project we undertake from now on.

Landivar Architects are now following the principles and targets as set out in the Climate Emergency Design Guide (published by LETI Jan 2020 ).

All designers in the studio are aware of the fast growing information network that is available to us as construction professionals on how to bring about the required change in our day to day working processes. We will undertake continuous professional development training in order to be able to design and advise our clients effectively and responsibly to meet this pressing challenge.

As a practice we already have considerable experience in refurbishment, retrofit and conversion projects and we would always encourage our clients to fully examine this option.

As well as retrofitting and re-using the current building stock, by 2030 all new buildings must operate at net zero and achieve a 65% reduction in embodied carbon emissions in order to meet our national decarbonisation targets.

This means any new building we are designing now will aim to eliminate any fossil fuel use, to be 100% powered by renewable energy, and to achieve a level of energy performance in line with the new energy use intensity targets that are much more stringent than the current building regulation requirements for energy use.

We now view every new project with this lens, from single storey side extensions and loft conversions to multi-unit new build developments. As designers, our instinctive aim is to find an efficient, elegant and cost effective solution to any project or site and although this current challenge is at a global scale, we can still play a meaningful part in the detail. Landivar Architects Sustainibility statement forms the basis of an approach to every project that we work on. There are limitation of scope within various projects but it is essential that key sustainibility issues are considered at the inception of the schemes.

http://LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide