10 Greek Street

Location:10 Greek Street Soho, London.

Description:Complete refurbishment of 36 cover Restaurant.


Approximate Cost:Confidential.

10 Greek Street – Bar and Restaurant:

Landivar Architects have collaborated with Cameron Emirali and Luke Wilson to create a refreshing, relaxed and contemporary new 36 cover restaurant, in the heart of Soho.

10 Greek Street, is the first venture by the co-founders of London restaurant 8 Hoxton Square.https://www.landivar-architects.com/projects/commercial-projects-by-landivar-architects-brighton-sussex/hoxton-contemporary-architects-restaurant-london/

10 Greek Street – Bar and Restaurant is formed over two floors with bar and private dining areas. The interior reflect the host structure and the history of the industrial past. The approach to the wine list will also be mirrored at the restaurant, which aims to offer “exciting, regularly changing” wines, in a broad range of styles, grapes and regions, and with low mark ups. There will also be a little black book of rarer odd bottles available from the cellar.

Bespoke interior detailing of the bar counter and kitchen has been procured by local, skilled crafts people to provide a contemporay and unique interior environment. This includes cantilevered pivoting steel and birch stools, projecting from the counter top to create a dynamic and fluid space.

The restaurant opened in 2012 to critical acclaim. The Observer’s Jay Rayner wrote at the time that there is “nothing showy about how ingredients are brought together”.

“You will not swoon at the originality of anything. There are oceans of technique but it is worn very lightly; so lightly, in fact, that it may only be as you come to the end of the meal that you will recognise how well you have been fed,” he said.

Photography by Emma Marshall.  https://emmamarshall.net/


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