Saxon Works – Mixed-used development

Location:Saxon Works, Portland Road

Description:Saxon Works is a proposed mixed use scheme of 33 flats and commercial office space.

Client:Martin Homes Portland Road Ltd

Approximate Cost:Confidential.

Saxon works housing development is a development of 33 apartments and mixed use commercial space

The site is located within Aldrington, a western suburb of Hove, within an existing commercial and residential plot to the north of Portland Road and Olive Road. Aldrington is bound to the north by the Railway, to the west by Boundary Road in Portslade and to the east by Sackville Road in Hove. The site is predominantly orthogonal in plan with a vertical strip of land running north to south alongside the private access road to the Trading Estate. – The site itself comprises a single storey open warehouse building constructed in the 1950’s, with surrounding hard landscaping and is accessed from the east, directly from Olive Road.

The demographic of the area has changed considerably over the last decade due to an influx of young professionals and families, attracted by the quality of life in Brighton and Hove and the convenient commuter links to London from the nearby stations of Aldrington and Portslade. As a result there has been a marked increase in residential demand and a consequent growth in commercial and retail development along Portland Road.

The layout and organisation of the site has been designed to optimise the residential density whilst respecting the surrounding conditions. A fundamental move involves the removal of vehicular access from the corner of Olive Road and to incorporate a vehicle and pedestrian access from the Drive Road to the north of Portland Road.

The commercial unit is located on the Portland Road frontage and relates to the urban grain of the existing houses. The scale and orientation provide a visual introduction to the site and lead the eye, via a boundary brick wall up to the main residential proposal.

The material palette of the proposal is clearly contemporary but makes reference to the surrounding buildings. The majority of the surrounding structures, both commercial and residential, are constructed of brick and this forms the basis of the elevational treatment. It is proposed to use traditional brickwork, however, bringing it in line with contemporary construction and material methods. The traditional building envelope is off-set with copper sprayed projecting balconies and expressed fair faced concrete lintels.

The form of the building is partially defined by the topography and the necessity to embed it into the landscape to achieve the subterranean parking. The primary street elevation (west) is formal to the private road side and is articulated by the stepped face detail, with exposed reconstituted stone lintel ends. The projected bays and balconies extend beyond the stepped fins providing articulation to the whole facade. The copper finished, mild steel railings and the varying brick bonds add a layering and visual interest to the facade whilst providing private amenity space to each apartment.

The large scale, copper sprayed aluminium framed fenestration, is rationally composed providing an order to the elevation and balancing the vertical and horizontal elements of the design. The fenestration has been generously applied to create high quality internal spaces that benefit from high natural lighting levels.

Saxon works housing development: Planning Committee date July 2022.



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