South downs Rural housing

Location:South Downs, Sussex

Description:Affordable housing project, South downs sussex

Client:Private Client

Approximate Cost:N/A

South downs Rural housing is formed of a proposal for 40 affordable housing units on a fringe rural site in the South downs, Sussex.

The site plan arrangement has been generated from an in-depth site analysis, policy driven housing mix requirements and the local architectural scale and density.

The key elements of the design are :

• Sensitive design approach to scale and density.
• Proposal for 100% affordable housing units, of mixed tenure.
• Biodiversity net gain with increase of green and planted areas to extant scheme.
• Improvement of surface water management with increase of SUDS areas with permeable pavers and planted roofs and extensive landscaping at all levels.
• Net zero carbon target compliant with ASHP, electric car charging, passive solar and Passivhaus standard design to maximise thermal efficiency.
• Incorporated landscape led design approach to respect the Rural context

• Protection of public footpath, with additional branches to link the houses to the broader context.
• Maintaining a tree buffer zone around the whole site.
• Designing the houses to the west of the site to fit within the existing landscaped bank.
• Setback properties from the street to reduce the visual impact and protect neighbouring amenity space.

The preliminary proposals examine the issues of increased rural housing costs and how a sensitively designed proposal can address the needs needs of local inhabitants.

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