Listed structure – Workers cottage

Location:Patcham, Brighton and Hove.

Description:Heritage renovation project incorporating a contemporary extension to a Grade II Listed Building.


Approximate Cost:Confidential.

Listed structure – Workers cottage 19/20 The Square is a Heritage residential renovation project incorporating a contemporary extension to a Grade II Listed Building.

The original Listed structure had been used as outbuildings and as a temporary workers cottage and was aquired by our client in a serious stste of disrepair from years of dereliction. After sensitive refurbishment, careful retention of certain architectural elements and materials, the building has been brought back into use as a 3 bedroom dwelling.

The historic structure and the contemporary extension have been connected by a glazed link, mediating between the old and the new. The new structure uses traditional materials and building methods with field flint walling and lime based mortar, detailed in a contemporary manner on a curved wall.

The joinery and fenestration are handmade bespoke items, replicating the original paneled timber doors and Yorkshire sliding sash windows that were key features of the Listed building. The interior has sought to retain visible as much of the original fabric as possible, with the flint Bungaroosh being brought through the glazed link, to connect the two spaces, historic and new.

  • The 2 bedroom house conversion has been carefully negotiated with the LPA Heritage team to provide a¬† contemporary resdential dwelling whilst respecting the Historic fabric of the Listed structure.
  • Eternal original features have been preserved and restored to their original specification and design with all new additions folowing original building techniques.
  • External walls and glazing are have been thermally upgraded, where permissible under the Listed Building Planning consent. All gas boilers have been removed with the use of high efficiency electric boilers.
  • ¬†Passive cross venitilation has been promoted where ever possible with an efficient central MVHR unit installed to the central core.

Photography by Emma Marshall.

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