Barcome Mills Terrace barn.

Location:Barcombe Mills - East Sussex

Description:Reinterpretation of a traditional rural barn, to form 5 terraced houses.

Client:You Are Home ltd

Approximate Cost:N/A

Barcome Mills Terrace barn houses.

The proposal seeks to make optimum use of a brownfield site with a sensitively considered barn style development that would respect the vernacular architectural language of the rural area whilst offering state of the art net zero passive house homes for families as well as improving the biodiversity and ecological value of the current site.

The design is generated from the principle of replacing an existing unused 1980’s asbestos barn building with a comparable form to house 5 individual new dwellings, effectively forming a terrace beneath a large singular barn style roof. The traditional barn form and typology has been interpreted in a contemporary manner to provide 5no. zero carbon family homes within the envelope of a recognisably agricultural form to retain the character of the area and create a development that is sympathetic and in keeping with the rural context. The architectural elements of a typical barn are a large pitched roof, a large ground to eaves opening for access, usually central, and minimal fenestration within fairly mute or blank elevations. These architectural elements have been singled out and interpreted within the proposed scheme by means of a large asymmetrical pitched roof, a central full height entrance opening, blank gable ends and smaller openings carefully positioned on the longer elevations. The material palette of the proposal also makes reference to farm buildings and the agricultural language of the local area. Vertical timber and sheet metal cladding are recognisably traditional materials and are combined to give a uniformity of surface treatment reminiscent of simple agrarian structures. The main metal clad front roof slope wraps over to the smaller rear roof slope. This main roof is punctuated by square profile picture frame dormer windows and projecting ground floor windows that provide a sculptural element to the roof form and add a certain articulation and visual interest to the front elevation as well as excellent daylighting and views to the South.


Barcome Mills Terrace barn houses – key design elemants :

–   Contemporary barn aesthetic and typology to proposal.
–   Terrace development providing appropriate density to site without losing ecological potential.
–   Efficient terrace construction minimising fabric heat loss/gain.
–   Site layout provides both amenity and privacy with landscaped bank to road and private gardens.
–   Biodiversity net gain with increase of green and planted areas and reduction of hardstanding.
–   Improvement of surface water management with increase of SUDS areas with permeable pavers
–   Net zero carbon compliant with GSHP, electric car charging, passive solar and ventilation design.
–   Increase in green space with less hard landscaped areas.
–   Incorporated design approach to respect the Lewes Architectural vernacular.


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