Whitehill Oast – Victorian agricultural conversion

Location:Brenley Farm, Featherbed Lane, Selling.

Description:Conversion and extension of traditional 5 chimney Victorian Oast to form 5 dwellings.

Client:Thurst & Fritz ltd.

Approximate Cost:£1M +

Whitehill Oast – Victorian agricultural conversion

Deep in the Kent countryside and in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Landivar Architects were commissioned to convert a derelict Oast building to form 5 houses. Oast structures were traditionally used to dry the hops in the brewing process and are key feature to the Kent agricultural landscape. With their grand proportions and modest utilitarian architectural detailing, the Oast buildings typology provide a fascinating basic structure for generous contemporary living.

We have retained the fundamental aspects of the traditional structure whilst renovating and adapting the structure to accommodate the requirements of a 21st century home.

Whitehill Oast – Victorian conversion provides 5 contemporary dwells whilst bringing back into active use a historic agricultural asset.

  • The 4 bedroom 5 house conversion has been carefully negotiated with the LPA Heritage team to provide 5 contemporay resdential units, whilst respecting the Historic fabric of the Listed structure.
  • Eternal original features have been preserved and restored to their original specification and design. Non-original elements to the structure were removed and the original plan form re-instated.
  • External walls and glazing are have been thermally upgraded, where permissible under the Planning consent.
  • ¬†Passive cross venitilation has been promoted where ever possible with an efficient central MVHR unit installed to the central core.
  • Positioned with in a sensitive biodiversity and ecological area, great care was afforded to the protection and enhancement of the biodiversity with all Ecological and Biodiversity consultant reccommendations adopted within the grounds.


Photography by Emma Marshall. https://emmamarshall.net/

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