Feasibility studies are an essential part of assessing the viability of a project. It allows the client to determine whether their ideas for the chosen land or premises are viable and how likely it will be to get the results. It should also asses the various options, time scales and associated risks.

Our feasibility study service is available in part or as a full service. Outlined below are common elements to a study:

  1. Initial appraisal, consisting of a general proposal and client brief.
  2. Review of the proposal and highlighting the key points for consideration.
  3. A physical and strategic survey of the area or location of the project, taking in details that are relevant to the project.
  4. An assessment of local, regional and national Planning policy with particular regard to the L A Local Plan.
  5. The production of design schematics to spatially examine the clients brief and the physical site conditions. / including building is structurally viable for your project (provided by third party engineer).

We can provide information to allow a Quantity Surveyor to conduct a budget feasibility assessment, estimating how much the project will cost and evaluate GDV / funding options.